Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forgotten... do you believe in angels?

Forgotten.... (by simplykir)

This sad angel is perfect for this week's illustration Friday: Forgotten.
The story:
She is a very sad angel because she was forgotten.
Once upon a time people believe in angels, they believed that angels were here to guard us..and there was no no doubt!
Nowadays only Children believe in angels.
Do you think we can believe in angels again? Do you think we could make this little angel smile?
A lot of people can tell stories about angels. But don't you think is wonderful to believe in them? ;)....

This Sad angel is one of the ooak paintings part of the petite collections from 2005.
Handpainted panel canvas approx. 12cm x9cm (4.72"x3.54").
Made from acrylic paint, title, date and signature on back...

I'm not sure if there will be prints of this painting available soon, but this mini painting will be available as soon as I'm done collecting all the info, pics.. etc.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Lips are sealed...

My Lips are sealed...

The New collection will be up tonight ;).
well, after resizing about 35 pics I think I'm done ;). These hats are going to be available in 2008 and I'm not taking preorder for them right now. So grab your fave one before they're gone ;).
I'm not sure if I will be taking preorders for them during the summer but I will keep you udpated. The only 2 basis colors I didn't made are white and black and I would be taking 2 preorders for them if anyone is interested. (just drop me a line ;)).
They are all from our SImply Kir Gold label, made from our best crochet threads.
There are 2 mohair/angora ones available only part of the next fall/winter collections.
All are premade and are ready to ship ;).
Don't miss them out and grab yours later tonight.

Illustration Friday: Baby

Illustration Friday: Baby :)
This is an old one but I think it's perfect for this week's illustration friday (baby).
(note: this is a print of the original paintig posted here yesterday ^^).